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Available in 54″ Youth, 31″ Toddler, 24″ Infant, and 18″ Preemie

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Product Description

Whether we were fortunate enough to know them and share life for a few years or even a brief moment, nothing is so difficult as dealing with the loss of a child.

It is our sincerest hope that our Serenity casket vaults can provide you with one last opportunity to lavish your little one with all of the love, care, security and honor possible. To celebrate their life, and the joy that they brought to yours.

   Youth 54″
Our youth casket vault includes a full couch cover, matching base and optional gold trim.

   Toddler 31″
Our newly redesigned toddler casket vault has a sunburst cover design and matching base. It includes a full couch cover.

   Infant 24″
   Preemie 18″
Our infant and preemie casket vaults feature hand crafted interiors and sunburst cover design.

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